The Island

Eleuthera is derived from the Greek word for freedom because the English settlers who founded this island more than 300 years ago established the Bahamas' first democratic society. Eleuthera is one of the out islands and is only 1 mile wide but 100 miles long.

Some Local Attractions:
The Glass Window, just north of Gregory Town, is the thinnest part of the island. The Caribbean and the Atlantic Oceans are separated only by a bridge just wide enough for your car. It is interesting to see the difference in the colors and motions of the two waters.

Harbor Island located north of Blue Palms , is accessible only by ferry, and is visited by the rich and famous. Rent a golf cart to tour the island, grab a lunch, ride horses on the pink sand beach, or just relax and take in the local flavor.

The beach on Harbor Island has been rated one of the "World's Best Beaches" by the Travel Channel in March 2005, and it was also rated the #1 "Best Island in the Caribbean" by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2005.

Gregory Town is home to many fun island shops, and is also known for its pineapples and friendly people.

The Bat Cave, is an amazing cave about a mile long, where you can see all kinds of caverns, stalactites, stalagmites and even some bats!! * Warning, make sure you have SEVERAL flashlights and some good sneakers.

The Cliffs are located along the Atlantic side of the island. They rise hundreds feet above the water, and it is truley breathtaking to see the waves crash far below. A local Bahamian can guide you to the Grottos and Baths, which are tide pools in the dramatic cliffs on the Atlantic side.
Spanish Wells is a small , separate island off the northwest tip of Eleuthera, it is unlike anything on the island! It is a beautiful town, and is populated with almost all whites. It actually seems more like a small town in New England than one you would find in the Bahamas. It can be reached by a small motorboat ferry.
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